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In order to post jobs you must first purchase the ability to do so. Job Postings are available in many quantities and price structures to fit all your needs.

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$99.00 Per Month
  • 1 Job Posting
  • 60-Day Job
  • Employer Page
  • Social Boost
  • Featured Jobs
  • Featured Company
  • Spotlight Banner


$199.00 Per Month
  • 5 Job Postings
  • 30-Day Jobs
  • Employer Page
  • Social Boost
  • 2 Featured Jobs
  • Featured Company
  • Spotlight Banner

Unlimited Jobs Plan

We offer unlimited jobs starting at a low cost of $1,000 per month. Additional options include Featured Company, Spotlight Banner, allnurses Magazine Placement, Email Placement, and Banner advertisement on our parent site, allnurses.com. Please call us at (612) 260-2699 for more information.

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