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How to get a job during the COVID-19 crisis

Nurses are always in demand but with the current COVID-19 crisis, many healthcare organizations are furloughing non-essential employees. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a job, though.

In times of crisis like these, the COVID-19 hot-spots are seeking nurses to care for the influx of infected patients. Current hot-spots like New York City and New Jersey are actively seeking countless nurses to staff overflowing hospitals. The soon-to-be hot-spots aren’t far behind. Keep an eye on places like New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and others as they are currently seeing exponential growth in COVID-19 cases.

Putting yourself in harm’s way is never an easy decision to make. With wages being seen multiples higher than nursing jobs in locations which haven’t seen an influx of COVID-19 cases yet, the idea of temporarily locating can be very tempting.

What incentives are available?

Being paid appropriately for relatively dangerous positions is critical. Below are a few of the incentives being touted for Travel Nursing positions found in New York State.

  • Crisis pay – With a little research, we have seen that numerous travel nursing agencies are offering over DOUBLE the average pay for travel nurses. That translates to over $10,000 per week for quarantine pay.
  • Expedited RN licensure – If you are already a licensed RN in any state, New York is encouraging you to work there and you will receive a license in a day or less.
  • Free hotel rooms – Moving to a new location can make you feel uneasy. Never fear, though, as several hotels offering free lodging including the Four Seasons.
  • Free car rentals – With many public transit options shut down, healthcare workers can rely on free car rentals from Hertz.
  • Free airfare – With the need for nurses being immediate, driving cross country during these uncertain times is a less-than-favorable option. Never worry as Delta and JetBlue are offering free flights to medical workers who are stepping up to fight the battle against COVID-19.

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